Workshops & Trainings

Our workshops and trainings are design to cultivate interest and understanding of 3D design and industrial additive manufacturing.

Our certified trainers are able to customise training programs specific to your company needs, feel free to reach out to us.

Foundation Workshop (Industrial Additive Manufacturing)
Duration: 3-days (Adult Learners)

Course offers foundational knowledge and application of the various industrial additive manufacturing technologies

Program will cover the basics of 3D scanning (hands-on), 3D design CAD, post processing procedure as well as prototyping using polymer filament based printer.

Schedule: TBD
Advanced 3D design Workshop
Duration: 3-days (Adult Learners/Practitioners)

Advanced course in additive manufacturing design covering topology optimisation, parts assembly optimisation and material selection.

Program will cover topics on design considerations and suitability of the various additive manufacturing technologies available.

Schedule: TBD
Early Learners Workshop
Duration: 1-day (Junior Learners 12-16 years-old)

Course offers simplified design concepts and exercises to nurture and build interest in 3D printing amongst our junior learners.

Program will consist of hands-on 3D design workshop including designing using TinkerCAD and using 3D pens.

Schedule: TBD