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Digital Twin Simulation

Factory Optimisation

Product Functional Simulation


3D (Additive Manufacturing) Design Optimisation

Topology Optimisation

Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) (various platforms)


Service Bureau (Industrial 3D Printing)

Workshops & Training

Fundamentals Workshop (Additive Manufacturing)

Foundational Training (Additive Manufacturing)

3D Design & DfAM

Digitalisation Transition

Digital Transformation Consultancy (SIRI Matrix)

Additive Manufacturing Feasibility Assessment (Site/Parts)

2D to 3D CAD conversion

3D Scanning

Reverse Engineering

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Data Extraction & Concentration (s/w)

Consulting & Advisory

We provide consultancy for Digital Transformation, Industrial Operations Optimisation, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT); including Digital Twin (Factory Ops), Additive Mfg (Parts & Site) Assessments.


Service Offerings

We support companies in their adoption of additive manufacturing; including 3D scanning, reverse engineering, 3D Design optimisation, Design for AM (DfAM).

We offer Data Concentration Software (iDataEx) for production facilities to simplify equipment data acquisition, extraction and concentration processes for automation and digital transformation.

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Workshops & Training

We offer workshops and classroom trainings to participants to help kickstart their exposure and familiarisation with the various industrial additive manufacturing technologies.

Why engage us?

We are a team of specialist engineers with a passion for technology & innovation. 


We strongly believe in collaboration and sharing of knowledge to enable widespread adoption advanced manufacturing technologies in companies.



Being industrial practitioners, we understand your pain points and hurdles to digitalisation and digital transformation.


We strive to deliver project excellence and value to our customers in a cost effective way.

More than 20 Years of Combined Experience

Dedicated support

Leveraging Experts Network

Customised Solution