Consulting & Advisory

Our consultants are practitioners leveraging over a decade of industrial experience spanning across various manufacturing industry segments.

Through our assessments, we want to provide customers with a customised roadmap for digital transformation that is commercially viable for their business and operations. With our extensive network of technology partners, we can offer comprehensive turnkey solutions.

Operations Simulation & Optimisation (Digital Twin)

Our consultants will work customers to develop the digital twin of their production operations.

This enables the customer to determine production bottlenecks, energy consumption, resource utilisation and overall production capacity.

With the simulation, companies are able to make more informed decisions on CAPEX investment in a progressive and cost effective-manner.
Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Consulting

Our operations lead will advise on a cost-effective production equipment integration, allowing connectivity between different machine protocols (OPC-UA, MTConnect etc), thereby enabling data extraction and concentration for further data analysis.

This leads to better management of operations through real-time data processing.
Additive Manufacturing: Site Assessment

Our experienced additive manufacturing lead will go onsite to work you to determine potential areas for implementation of additive manufacturing that is commercially viable and cost effective in the long run

This is the start of the journey towards digitalisation and becoming more competitive amongst industry peers.
Additive Manufacturing: Part/Component Assessment

Our industrial design consultant will identify commercially viable parts for Additive Manufacturing (AM) fabrication.

He would be able to provide design improvements and material selection that is applicable to the Additive Manufacturing technology