About us

I2Mavericks Holdings Pte Ltd (Singapore)

Our founder Benjamin Moey established and incorporated the company in Singapore on the 29th March 2022. 


The Company derives its name from its goal to develop Inspiring Innovations  (I2)


As a trained engineer, technology and design innovation has been Benjamin’s passion. His vision is to encourage widespread adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies in the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution. 


Benjamin brings his wealth of knowledge and industrial experience across many industries; including Aerospace, Energy, Semiconductor, Venture Capital, Financial Sector and mostly recently Digitalisation sector.


A key mission of the Company is to develop a collaborative ecosystem of key technology partners to unlock and harness the full potential of the current suite of advanced technologies.


Our Vision

Accelerate the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies through focused exposure and collaborative innovation.

Our Values

We strongly believe in lifelong learning and collaborative sharing in a ecosystem of specialists.

We strive to deliver excellence for our partners and clients.